Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, Mama June’s oldest daughter, has died after a long battle with cancer. Mama June wrote on Instagram that Anna, her 29-year-old daughter, has died.

I’m sorry to say this. The person on social media whose handle was @annamarie35 has died. The news and a picture of her family were shared on the internet. She was sick for 10 months and fought hard, but she’s no longer in pain. At 11:12 PM, she died peacefully in her home with her family around her.

Also on Instagram was Anna’s little sister Honey Boo Boo. Ann was in a lot of pain, she said, but now her family knows she’s at peace. It was hard for Honey Boo Boo to see her sick sister fight for a year, she said. Anna was 29 years old and could really fight.

Please pray for and think about the family during this hard time. They’re going to talk about more soon. The next few days will be hard for the family, Honey Boo Boo said.

Before, Mama June Shannon talked about Anna’s health in an interview. Anna was done with her four rounds of treatment for her stage 4 adrenal cancer. Mama June said Anna was doing okay and doing the best she could with everything. A lot of people thought the medicine would make her sick, but she got better quickly. Things are going slowly for the family.

Anna, we will miss you. Your family vows to carry on your work. They love you, and now you’re pain-free and in a better place.

The next step in Anna Cardwell’s treatment is being thought about. Either immune therapy or clinical studies are on her mind, but she might decide not to do either. Mama June Shannon, Anna’s mom, says she just wants to see how things go, even though they know she will stay sick.

The news was shared by Mama June and her three other children, Jessica, Lauryn, and Alana. But the treatment makes her tired some of the time. Anna can still do normal things like driving herself and going to the store, even though these things are hard for her. But because of the treatment, she has lost her hair, lip hair, and arm hair.

There are two kids in Anna’s family. Kaitlyn, who is 10, knows that her mom is sick. She might not fully understand everything, though. Mama June said that Kaitlyn spends a lot of time with her mom and probably knows that her mom won’t be around for much longer.

You can watch the whole talk below if you want to learn more.

Lily says that Kaitlyn, who is 10, acts older than her age because she spends a lot of time with adults. Kylee, Anna’s 7-year-old daughter, knows her mom is sick, but she might not know how bad it is. The family loves every second they have together.

Mama June Shannon wants to keep hope alive, even though everyone in the family knows Anna won’t get better. They know that Anna’s illness might not get better, but they are hopeful that new medicines or even a fix will be available in the future. Because of progress in medicine, Mama June thinks that there may be a way to cure some kinds of cancer. She talked about how quickly a COVID vaccine was made, and she believes that the same thing can be done for cancer.

Alana, whose stage name is Honey Boo Boo, hopes that her sick sister can keep trying. She trusts Anna’s strength, even though it won’t be easy. Honey Boo Boo said in an interview that it’s hard to think that Anna might not be here in five years, but she hopes Anna can fight for another ten or twenty years.

Anna has been making videos on TikTok every so often when she feels like it to talk about her journey with cancer. Her family hopes the best for her as she goes on.

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