Even as they get older, Hollywood stars are often put under a lot of pressure to look young. There are always news stories about famous people getting plastic surgery to look younger.

Women are under a lot of pressure, but more and more female celebrities are letting their bodies age normally, going against traditional beauty standards, and loving who they are.

Andie MacDowell lost her colour in her hair not long ago and doesn’t care what other people think about it.

Plus, MacDowell said she was happy to finally have her first grey hair, even though a lot of people are scared of it. She said she had been looking forward to it since she was younger.

“I thought the idea of a kind of salt and pepper would work for me,” she told Katie Couric not long ago. “I believed it would look good on my face.” I knew I was right when it started to grow out during COVID.I like how it looks on me.

“My eyes popped and looked a little different as it grew out.” MacDowell also said, “I liked how my skin looked better.” “And I had a feeling that made me stronger.” It made me feel stronger, more real, and more like myself.

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