After the fact, Jennifer Aniston said that she texted and talked to Matthew Perry the morning he died.

In an interview with Variety, Aniston said, “That morning I was texting with him, cute Matty.” He wasn’t hurting.

Aniston went on to say that Perry wasn’t really having a hard time; instead, he was “happy” and working hard to get “healthy.” He no longer smoked. He was working out.

He wasn’t having a hard time. She told Variety, “He was happy.” “I want people to know that he was healthy and getting healthier.” He was after someone. He worked really hard. He had a really bad hand. I really miss him. All of us do. He really made us laugh.

This is the second time Aniston has talked about the death of a friend she loved.

It’s still time for the Friends group to say goodbye. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are now following suit.
Aniston said in a sad statement that she has never felt so much pain as she does now that her brother Matthew Perry has died.

David Schwimmer also spoke out and wrote:

Thank you for ten wonderful years of making me laugh and be creative.

I will never forget how well you timed and delivered your jokes. You could bend a straight line of conversation into anything you wanted, making something so completely new and funny that it still surprises people.

You had heart. Which you were kind enough to share with us so that six strangers could become a family.

This picture shows one of my favourite times with you. It makes me sad and happy at the same time.

I can see you up there, somewhere, wearing the same white suit, with your hands in your pockets and your eyes closed.

“Are there ANY MORE clouds?”

After Matt LeBlanc posted his, Courteney Cox also writes and posts hers.

Cox played Chandler’s wife Monica Geller on Friends in real life. Cox showed a mistake reel of the scene where Monica and Chandler were first seen together as a couple.

It said, “I’m thankful for every moment I spent with you, Matty, and I miss you every day.” When you work with someone like I did with Matthew, I wish I could share so many moments with them. Take a look at one of my favourites for now.

You can see it here:

“To give you some background, Chandler and Monica were going to go out together for one night in London. But because of how people responded, it turned into the start of their love story. He told me a funny line to say in this scene before we started rolling.

That’s something he did a lot. He was nice and funny. ????????”

As Mamas Uncut recently reported, Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribiani on Friends, has written his own letter about the death of Matthew Perry, his co-star and best friend.

They played best friends on the show for years, and they really are best friends. There was a statement from the rest of the Friends group, and now LeBlanc is adding his own words.

Along with a few pictures of them on set as Joey and Chandler, LeBlanc added, “Matthew, I say goodbye with a sad heart. The times we spent together were some of my favourite in my whole life.

“It was an honour to share the stage with you and call you my friend,” LeBlanc said. I will always remember you and smile when I do. No way.”

“Brother, spread your wings and fly. You’re finally free.” Lots of love. The $20 you owe me will be kept by you, I guess.

Really breaks my heart.

Mamas Uncut has already stated that Perry was found unconscious in his hot tub on October 28. He was only 54 years old.

The famous actor has been put to rest, but the cause of his death has not been made public yet. More tests need to be done. It is said that the service took place in Los Angeles at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Reports from before say the ceremony lasted an hour and was attended by LeBlanc, the rest of the group, and a lot of his closest family and friends.

Not long before his funeral, the cast of Friends made a statement that was only available to People. It was signed by Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer and said the following:

“We are all so heartbroken over Matthew’s death.” We were more than just co-stars in the movie. We’re a family. We have so much to say, but for now we need to take a moment to cry and figure out how to deal with this unbearable loss.

We’ll say more when we can in the future. Our hearts and thoughts are with Matty’s family, friends, and all the people who loved him all over the world right now.

His family and friends are still in our thoughts and prayers.

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