It’s hard to believe Madonna is 65 years old already. It seems like she just started making music yesterday. Every year, millions of people all over the world enjoy the Queen of Pop’s music.

Madonna is on her Celebration Tour right now, which a lot of people were excited about. She went to the hospital earlier this year with a bad infection, but she is now better and back on tour.

A lot of Madonna fans liked the new shots of her. She proves that being 65 years old doesn’t stop her from being important in the singing business.

Madonna’s health became a big worry during the summer. She was meant to start her Celebration Tour in July. At 53 shows in North America and Europe, she would play her best hits from 1983 to the present. She was going to do it, but she had to cancel because she got sick and had to go to the hospital for a bacterial infection.

At first, Madonna was found on Saturday, June 24, not moving. When they got her to the hospital in New York City, they had to use a tube to help her breathe.

Not long after that, a family member of Madonna told Entertainment Tonight that the family was very worried. They were “getting ready for the worst” when they heard the news. A family member said that for a few days, no one knew what would happen and that everyone was ready for the worst.

That’s why they haven’t told anyone since Saturday. Everyone was afraid that Madonna might not make it, and that was the harsh truth they had to face.

Radar Online said that Madonna’s stay in the hospital was worse than most people thought. When doctors came to her house to help, they had to give her a NARCAN shot.

Madonna got better and was able to leave the hospital. She is now working to get better at home and is busy with her Celebration Tour. After she shared some pictures from her tour, people are really amazed with how she looks.

Many fans told her nice things while she was on tour in Paris, France. A Twitter user even called her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Some people said she looked a lot younger than her age.


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Madonna has been friends with famous fashion designer Donatella Versace for a long time. Versace also said that Madonna is “the most beautiful.”

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