The actress Jasmine Guy, who played “Whitley” on the TV show A Different World, is talking about a very hard time in her life. A few weeks ago, the actor went on The Tamron Hall Show and talked about her divorce, filing for bankruptcy, and how those things affected her and her daughter.

This actor, singer, dancer, and director was born in Boston and grew up in Atlanta. She’s best known for her part as one of the main characters on the six-season sitcom A Different World, which got a lot of good reviews. But she’s been in and acted in many other shows as well. Guy keeps going strong in Hollywood, from School Daze in 1988 to Harlem, the newest series on Amazon Prime.

But along the way, the star had to deal with some tough situations. They got married in August 1998. His name is Terrence Duckett.

They had a girl together, whose name is Imani. However, Guy filed for divorce in Los Angeles courts after 10 years of marriage, saying that they had “irreconcilable differences,” according to a People story from 2008. Things would get worse for her after this.

A story from TMZ says that the Dead Like Me star had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2009 because of serious money problems.

The news source said that Jasmine Guy owed a huge amount of money in back taxes—$122,503.64—while her ex-husband owed $94,354.71. They racked up these bills while they were married. Then, in 2012, it was said that Jasmine Guy went back to court because Duckett wasn’t paying child support.

After getting court papers, TMZ reported that Duckett had not been making his monthly payment of $1,469 as required by the court. He was almost $40,000 behind on his payments because of this.

When the Jasmine Brand revealed in 2014 that Guy had a tax lien put on her in the state of Georgia for more unpaid taxes, the problems kept coming up. This added $27,523.86 to her debt. The talented woman has kept herself busy in Hollywood over the years, but it’s clear that she’s had her fair share of public embarrassment and problems.

What Jasmine Guy usually keeps to herself is now coming out about everything she’s been through. Just recently, she went to see Tamron Hall in person to talk, and she told him that she felt “forced” to talk about the hard times.

Guy said that after being “outed,” she “felt the need to address some of the issues that were going on,” such as the divorce and how it had changed her finances. “Money provides security,” Jasmine Guy told the show’s host, explaining how she feels about money and what it means in life in terms of our dependence on it. “I didn’t want to spend money on shopping.” I cared about myself and my child.

The actress starts to cry as she thinks about how much love and support she has in her life. She does, however, get honest when she says, “It hurts to not feel like you’ll be okay and be able to take care of your child.” It’s very easy.”

Guy and her daughter Imani Duckett were lucky to have a loving town around them. She went on to thank her child’s godparents, parents, friends, and sister for being there for them during the rough patch. “The love in my life is very strong,” she said with confidence.

Jasmine Guy said she was “really happy” before talking about the hard times because her feelings were getting the best of her. She then talked about why she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it. “I’m not afraid to share it because I know how much pain many people feel when their marriage or family breaks up,” the actor said.

“It’s just that it’s hard to remember how painful it was now that things are better for me.” A lot of bad things happened to a lot of us during the pandemic, and I wasn’t used to living in a world full of stress and sadness.

Guy talks about how everyone was worried about the global outbreak, even though she usually had to deal with those kinds of feelings by herself. Since the world was now more united, she felt “free” to talk about her fears and feelings without having to hide them or “act tougher than I am.”

We trust that Jasmine Guy will be strong, and we’re glad to see that she is still doing well on her trip. See below for her very open conversation.

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