Thunder and Cloud, two deeply cherished twins, arrived into the world 10 days earlier than the hospital’s guidelines for treatment, leading to a heart-wrenching decision that left them to spend their final moments in the loving embrace of their parents. Born at 21.3 weeks of gestation, with Cloud being slightly larger at 22.1 weeks, their arrival was met with an outpouring of love and anticipation from their family.

Tragically, their journey was cut short, leaving behind a void in the hearts of their big sister Océane and their parents, Sophia and Roy. This family, bound by love and loss, continues to remember and honor the boys, holding them forever in their hearts as cherished members of their family.

In the wake of this profound loss, the family is advocating for change in the medical guidelines concerning the treatment of micro preemies. They firmly believe that babies born as early as 21 weeks, who have not only survived but flourished, deserve a chance at life. This call to action challenges the existing protocols in hospitals that may lead to premature babies being denied essential care.

For Sophia and Roy, every day is a reminder of the love and longing they feel for Thunder and Cloud. Their love for the twins remains undiminished, a testament to the profound bond between parents and their children. The pain of separation is palpable in their words, as they express an unending yearning to once again hold and cherish their beloved sons.

Their story is not just a narrative of loss but a rallying cry for awareness and change in the treatment of the youngest and most vulnerable patients. The memory of Thunder and Cloud lives on, inspiring a quest for a brighter future for other micro preemies and their families.

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