In Turks and Caicos, Faith Evans was having a birthday party. She did something important with her kids, friends from her Bad Boy days, and other people.

Stevie J., the unhappy husband, was not there. The couple’s divorce seems to be going along quickly, and Faith wants to settle everything as soon as possible. Stevie is finally helping her move the process along by giving her important papers that will help them both go their separate ways.

For the divorce, the shock wave got real papers that show Stevie has finally signed a statement of revelation.

For this part of the separation process, it is acknowledged that “one side has given all of their economic information to the other.” Most of the time, this means that the couple is getting ready to settle down.

Things were getting really gross between them. Faith most recently said that he stole her car to drive to Coachella.

Faith wanted her car back and told them she paid cash for it and didn’t have Stevie on her insurance. But Stevie had been to her son’s birthday party not long before that, so they might have been trying to make things right.

From the start, it looked like the pair was doomed. A lot of people were shocked by how quickly the “friends turned lovers” went from dating to getting married.

Joseline Hernandez didn’t like the two of them and called Faith’s son a “monster” after the autistic teen was said to have hurt her baby girl Bonnie Bella.

After that, Faith was arrested on a charge of partner violence, and Stevie leaked videos of the two fighting and saying they hate each other.

Even though he later said he was sorry and tried to get his wife back, Evans seemed to have had enough. Evans turned 50 not long ago and looks beautiful as she starts a new life.

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