Experiencing motherhood is a journey filled with joy and challenges, a journey Karine knows all too well. Despite facing a rare and limiting condition, her story of becoming a mother to little Zaia and managing her unique health challenges is a testament to resilience and love.

Miracle of Motherhood

Karine’s pregnancy journey was marked by serenity and calm, despite her health condition. Amidst a few complications due to her rare disease, known as xeroderma pigmentosum, her pregnancy remained largely uneventful and peaceful, culminating in the birth of Zaia, her little princess.

The Joy of Parenting

For Karine, the past seven months with Zaia have been nothing short of miraculous. Despite the rush and challenges, she describes this period as the best months of her life. Each moment with Zaia is precious, filled with incredible and special experiences. Zaia, in her mother’s eyes, is perfection embodied.

Karine’s Struggle and Strength

Living with xeroderma pigmentosum, a condition affecting one in a million children, Karine’s life has been a journey of overcoming limitations. The disease, which makes her skin highly sensitive to ultraviolet rays, has led to numerous surgeries – 219 to be precise – all to remove skin lesions caused by exposure to sunlight.

Life-Changing Diagnosis

At three, Karine was diagnosed with this condition. Since then, her life has been a continuous effort to protect herself from sunlight, as exposure could result in skin cancer. Recently, during her pregnancy, she faced another challenge – nodules in her lung and painful skin lesions requiring surgical intervention.

A Blessing in Disguise

Ironically, it was these health issues that led to the discovery of her pregnancy. Had it not been for these complications, Karine believes she might have lost her daughter. The biopsy confirmed new lesions, necessitating immediate treatment.

Ongoing Treatments and Challenges

Karine’s journey is far from over. She is currently awaiting treatment outcomes and undergoing chemotherapy. Additionally, she has been battling vision loss in her right eye, having already lost sight in her left. Thankfully, treatment with eye drops is showing positive results, gradually restoring her vision.

Motherhood Unaffected by Condition

Karine’s condition does not hinder her personal life or her role as a mother. She strives to give her best in everything she does, undeterred by the challenges her condition presents.

Story of Resilience and Love

Karine’s story is one of extraordinary courage and unconditional love. Despite the odds stacked against her, she remains a devoted mother to Zaia, navigating the complexities of her condition with strength and determination. Her journey is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless love of a mother.


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