The famous Canadian singer Céline Dion is still dealing with stiff person syndrome, a rare nerve condition that makes her muscles hurt.

Claudette, Céline’s older sister, was worried about her health and said that she “doesn’t have control over her muscles.” Even though she works hard and wants to go back to the stage, the fact that the sickness gets worse over time and can’t be cured makes things very hard. Claudette pointed out that not much is known about this rare disease because it only affects one person in a million.

People who have stiff person syndrome may not be able to move around at all, and others may even be called “human statues.” There were reports that Céline had to use a wheelchair, but Claudette denied them and emphasized how determined and happy she was with life. Céline is still set on making her comeback, as planned by her doctors in Denver.

Fans have shown a lot of support for Céline’s family charity, Fondation Maman Dion, even though things have been hard. They continue to pray for her and send their love.

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