Armani, a baby born under remarkable circumstances, is battling lymphoma. This type of benign tumor has caused an unusual enlargement in his chest and arms, presenting a unique medical challenge.

Chelsey Milby, a 33-year-old mother, faced a daunting journey during her pregnancy and the birth of Armani. At only 17 weeks pregnant, sonographers discovered a concerning accumulation of fluid around Armani’s heart, a condition so rare it occurs in just one out of every 4,000 births. Medical professionals feared that Armani might not survive his birth.

Despite the grim prognosis and discussions of abortion, Chelsey, bolstered by her family’s belief in miracles, chose to continue the pregnancy. She shared her emotional turmoil with the media, saying, “Learning about my child’s condition left me devastated and heartbroken. I couldn’t understand why this was happening, especially after having two healthy babies. I found myself questioning God every day.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Chelsey’s unusually large belly often led people to ask if she was expecting triplets. By 33 weeks, her weight had escalated to 91kg, severely impacting her health.

The growing fetus made breathing and sleeping increasingly difficult for Chelsey, necessitating frequent removal of fluid from her abdomen. This led to the decision for an emergency cesarean section.

As Chelsey entered the operating room, her family, including the baby’s father, Blake, waited anxiously outside, hoping for a miracle. Blake stood vigil, praying for the safety of both mother and child.

The cesarean was a tense but ultimately joyous occasion for Chelsey. “I was given something to calm me down during a panic attack. The sight of my baby being born amidst my screams and tears was overwhelming,” she recalled.

Armani was born weighing a substantial 5.5kg. Soon after, the family made a 100-mile journey to Cincinnati, seeking specialized treatment for Armani at a renowned hospital.

Postpartum, Chelsey struggled with severe depression. As a mother of three, she knew she had to be strong for Armani and her other children. “I grappled with intense postpartum depression but had to put that aside to be the strongest I could for Armani and my other children,” she explained.

Armani is scheduled for surgery later this year to remove excess lymph vessels, a crucial step towards normalcy. Future surgeries to eliminate excess skin are also anticipated. Despite the challenges, Chelsey remains hopeful about Armani’s future. “We’re doing everything to give Armani the best life. He’s about to start calling me ‘mommy’. He truly is our miracle baby, and we love him dearly,” Chelsey expressed with heartfelt emotion.

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