Photographer Trina Cary, while not a mother herself yet, harbors a profound admiration for motherhood and its beauty. Her recent endeavor, capturing the tender moments of mothers nursing their babies under a full moon on a beach, redefines the essence of beauty in every frame.

Set against the serene backdrop of Kawana Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Cary’s project brought together 14 women, many meeting for the first time, on the evening of March 2nd. The sky, adorned with storm clouds and the luminescence of a full moon, created a magical setting for the shoot. Cary shared with POPSUGAR her awe at the camaraderie and acceptance that blossomed among these women. “It’s always incredible to see these groups of women coming together, bonding and supporting each other so naturally. My mission is to foster empowerment and love. The world needs more of that – less judgment, more acceptance,” she expressed.

This particular photo session held a special place in Cary’s heart, as it celebrated the diverse experiences of motherhood unified by the act of breastfeeding. “It was an uplifting experience to witness these mothers, with children of varying ages, including toddlers, breastfeeding. Their stories and the challenges some faced made it even more poignant,” Cary reflected.

Following the success of this session, Cary is planning more breastfeeding photo shoots and is also keen on organizing sessions for bottle-feeding mothers.

Her project aims to normalize breastfeeding in a refreshingly empowering way. Cary hopes her images evoke joy and warmth, showcasing the love and connection shared among the women. “I dream of these images bringing smiles and laughter, emanating the love shared between these women. It’s about strangers turning into friends, united by the act of feeding their children,” she remarked.

Cary’s vision extends beyond just photography; she aspires to build a community through her work. “I want to create a space where women can come together – a community that’s raw, open, loving, and powerful. If my photography can help women embrace their imperfections, their stretch marks, and all the beautiful realities of their bodies, then that’s what I’ll strive for,” Cary concluded, passionately advocating for body positivity and maternal solidarity.

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