A wonderful anecdote of human goodness went viral in 2018. It’s a heartwarming story of community love and kindness, but its roots are unknown. David, a young guy, went to an auction to buy back his family’s land, and 200 other farmers remained silent until the land was sold at his bid. [1]

family has farmed Nebraska for generations. The family was saddened when relatives sold an 80-acre parcel of land some years ago. The land was sold legally and they couldn’t get it back.

Fortunately, the same acreage was auctioned. David and his father gathered all their funds and went to retrieve their legacy.

Unexpected events
David and his father were disappointed to find almost 200 farmers at the auction. With that many people, some of whom were affluent, they knew they could never afford their land.

Auctions are unpredictable because you never know how determined or well-funded others are. More bidders raise the price. David and his father nervously watched other properties auctioned. That was beautiful when it reached their country.

No other 200 or more farmers outbid the couple when they bid. Nobody spoke. It wasn’t bad land. Farmers dream of an 80-acre farm. That day, all farmers were thinking of a higher cause.

Auctioneer was shocked. He extolled the land, stating all the reasons farmers should seize it quickly. Nobody spoke. After three tries, the auctioneer had to slam the gavel and accept David’s bid.

The boy regained his family’s farm.

Support for a family farm
Before the auction, the farmers, some of whom didn’t know David, discussed David’s land. They agreed to not up the young man’s bid to reclaim his family’s legacy. Not outbidding his stake would protect him.

David’s family received their property back after everyone stayed to their agreement, which must have been difficult.

David said:

“I had two deeply humbling days. My son was born first. “The second was that amazing day at the Auction House,” he remarked.

This tale should last forever. Some say it was told in 2011, others in 2018. The lesson matters, not whether it happened. We must protect one other and form strong communities in a terrifyingly diverse planet. Let’s speak in kindness—the it’s only language everyone understands.

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