Where is the man who weighed 707 pounds and said, “I’ll eat until my whole life is over” if he didn’t want to lose weight?

King is just 34 years old, yet he does not have a career, does not have an income, and still resides at home with his father. Why is that, exactly? Due to the fact that he weighs over 700 pounds, even a pair of briefs will not fit into his body.

“The problem is that Casey is so accustomed to living the way that he does that he just shrugs it off and says, “I’m going to eat for as long as I’m alive. “

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This is how King used to appear when he was younger:
What did King’s day look like?

During an interview for TLC, Casey walked the interviewers through a normal day in his life and described what happens. The majority of the time, he would awaken in the middle of the day. After that, he would eat. After that, he would get into some video game action. After that, there will be more eating to do. After that, he’d turn on the television. Consume some more food, and then return to your bed.

About the sudden increase in his weight, he claims that it was not an entirely unexpected occurrence at all. He claims that he has been a large individual for the majority of his life, even when he was a child. He says this about himself. But, now that he is an adult, he prefers to consume quick service restaurants or Japanese cuisine. He hardly ever engages in any form of physical activity and consumes enormous quantities of everything.

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When they originally started shooting the show, he was on the edge of reaching a low point that would go down in the record books. He placed a great deal of responsibility on his parents for the person he had become, and he couldn’t fathom any other option. His weight made it difficult for him to keep his job, and he lacked any kind of meaningful purpose in his life.

What does he look like today?

King has evolved into a new person throughout the years and has lost around 400 lbs.
With the assistance of a psychiatrist, Casey and his father made significant strides towards improving his eating habits and his level of physical activity. In order to assist her son in implementing the changes, his mother became involved in the process. After that, King decided to have surgery to help him lose weight in order to speed up the process.

He’s obtained a job

Before that, King was forced to quit his employment due to the fact that his weight made it difficult for him to do his duties. As he continued to put on weight, his hopes of starting a new job became more and more unrealistic.

Today, you can find him working at Home Depot. In a post that he shared on both his Facebook and Instagram accounts, he expressed his gratitude to Home Depot for hiring him at a time when it is so challenging to find work in today’s market.

King recently celebrated his 36th birthday with some friends, family, and coworkers by throwing a modest birthday party for him. When compared to images he uploaded on Instagram of himself on his 35th birthday, which he posted this year, the metamorphosis that has taken place is quite astounding.

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