This Bodybuilder Married a Doll Who Has a Sensitive Soul Within and Loves Him This bodybuilder fell in love with a doll and married her. The cuisine of Georgia
The rapid advancement of technology is a reality that we have no choice but to come to terms with. But it seems that many still find it hard to embrace concepts like lifelike items that can take the place of human love.

A bodybuilder developed romantic feelings for a doll.

A man named Yuri Tolochko, who is a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, is said to have developed feelings for a doll. He describes seeing her in a bar while she was being held by another patron of the establishment.

He claims that he immediately sensed the connection between them and that he was able to save her from the other man. Following that event, he began a romantic relationship with her. Yet, the fact that he received a lot of negative feedback after posting images of their love story on his Instagram site is evidence that people find this type of relationship to be strange.

The love tale of the pair as told on social media.

Anyway, he believes that people should never, under any circumstances, pass judgement on love. It would appear that he takes pleasure in spending time with his cherished Margo. He posts images of them engaging in various activities such as travelling on a trip, spending quality time together, going on dates, hanging out with friends, and other similar activities. He does not consider her to be a doll in any way.

According to him, she is a real girl because she has a prefered dish, a soul, and the ability to argue like any other human being would be able to do. This bodybuilder considers himself to be of the parasexual orientation. It indicates that he is capable of developing romantic feelings for a soul, an image, a character, or even a person.

The marriage of the couple

In spite of the many unfavourable things said about his relationship with the woman he cherished, Margo, he was pleased to share some information about the wedding plans they had made. Their wedding, which can take place under any legal circumstances in his nation, was at one point scheduled to take place in March of this year. In any case, the wedding had to be put on hold because of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.

After some time had passed, he was involved in a fight in which his nose was broken. While he was healing from the injury, he took pleasure in the company of the person he considers to be his soul mate.

On the other hand, the wedding did take place in November as planned. There are some photographs and videos that show him putting the ring on Margo’s hand, and these are available. Some of the guests at the ceremony are there because they want to commemorate the beginning of this couple’s love story.
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