There is news that Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are divorcing after being married for almost 30 years.

People quoted the couple as saying, “We’ve been married for almost 30 years and have a wonderful, loving relationship.” Now that our journey is changing, we’ve chosen to go our separate ways to focus on our own growth.

They made it clear that their family is the most important thing to them and that their next steps will be based on thanks, love, and kindness. As they go through this change in their lives, they asked for your understanding and respect.

They were married in 1996 and have two kids, Oscar (23), and Ava (18). In 1995, they met for the first time while shooting an Australian TV show called Correlli. They got married less than a year after meeting, even though they were hesitant at first because they were 13 years apart in age.

Hugh Jackman felt happy when he remembered the first time they met: “She took off her seatbelt, turned around, and introduced herself.” It’s possible that I thought, “I like this girl.”

A son named Oscar was born to them in 2000, and a girl named Ava was born to them in 2005.

In April, on their 27th wedding anniversary, Hugh Jackman sent Deborra-Lee Furness a beautiful picture of the pair along with a touching message.


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“I love you, Deb,” he wrote the note. Today is the 27th anniversary of our wedding. FOR 27 YEARS!! A lot of love to you. We’ve made a wonderful family and life after working together. I am so grateful for your laughter, kindness, giving, sense of humour, cheekiness, bravery, and loyalty. I totally love you.”

It has been said by Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, “This is the only statement we will make.”

There were hints that they were splitting up before they told everyone. 67-year-old Deborra-Lee was seen in New York City without her wedding ring. This is often a sign of trouble in a relationship. Before getting into the car, she was all dressed in black and her wedding ring wasn’t on her finger.

People believed something might be wrong. They got married the next year after meeting on the set of an Australian show called Corelli in 1995.

Happy travels to them both as they start this new part of their trip! Tell other fans about this to find out if they saw the signs of the breakup before it became public.

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