George Clooney is still amazed by his wife Amal Clooney, even though some fans have said mean things about her. He fell in love with her and got married after meeting her. This woman is magical and amazing.

As a well-known actor and director, George has been in a lot of films and TV shows. They played a handyman on the old TV show The Facts of Life. These days, he’s been in films and TV shows like O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Ocean’s Eleven, and Ticket to Paradise. In 2022, he told Entertainment Tonight that his wife is like magic in every way. He thinks everyone knows how amazing she is because they see and hear her. He also thinks she’s perfect.

A wonderful Lebanese-British human rights lawyer named Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney met in 2013. He felt like he had just been cast in the most important role of his life: her life partner.

In 2014, only six months after their first meeting, George asked Amal to marry him. They talked about how he surprised her with the proposal. She was so shocked that she kept saying “Oh my God” and “Wow!” While they were sitting there, George joked that he had been on his knees for 28 minutes and needed an answer before he threw out his hip!

Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy, was the fancy place where they got married in September 2014. A lot of well-known people, like Bono, Matt Damon, and Bill Murray, were there. A lot of famous people came to celebrate their love.

It wasn’t all nice when Amal Clooney started dating George Clooney. Some mean people on the internet said bad things about her body and how she looked.

As a 45-year-old lawyer, Amal is known all over the world for her work. Julian Assange and Yulia Tymoshenko, who used to be prime minister of Ukraine, are just two of the famous people she has worked with. This year, 2019, she worked for the UN.

But on social media, some people talk about how she looks instead of what she has done. Her nicknames are “ugly” and “gawky gargoyle.” Although George Clooney could have chosen anyone, someone on Twitter said she looks like a “ugly man.”

ELLE Magazine wrote about how beautiful Amal is in 2015. Yet again, though, some readers weren’t complimentary. People told her she was too thin and her legs looked like “shapeless sticks.” It’s not fair, but people online say mean things about Amal.

Other people spoke out in support of Amal, saying, “Amal Clooney is a smart and accomplished lawyer!” Wearing what she wants doesn’t matter!”

At one point, though, a major news source didn’t even mention Amal’s accomplishments. They got in trouble in 2015 for calling Amal, who was working for a reporter, just a “actor’s wife.”

The first tweet read, “Amal Clooney, the actor’s wife, is defending an Al-Jazeera reporter in Egypt who is being charged with having ties to extremists.” “Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney criticises prison terms given to three Al-Jazeera English journalists” had to be changed by AP because it made people angry.

“There’s not much I can do to control it except keep going,” Amal said in response on BBC’s Entertainment Tonight. It’s encouraging to hear that people don’t like journalism that focuses on the wrong topics; it shows that people want more from their press. She did it with grace.

Time magazine named Amal one of the “Women of the Year, 12 Leaders Working Towards a More Equal World” in March 2022. The writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa wrote her story. In “Amal Clooney Won’t Back Down,” a story, Amal talked about how she deals with her fame and the negative comments about her:

“I try to keep my mind on what’s important when more people know about me.” It might assist some of my customers. It’s not my fault if the news talks about unimportant things during work events. I do not worry about it because I can not change it. I concentrate on my job and personal life, hoping that other people will change their minds.

Even though she gets a lot of attention and abuse, Amal’s husband George always says nice things about her. He says, “She’s beautiful and has great style. She doesn’t need a stylist, she just looks great.” She does all of this while working on 11 cases at the same time. “She is an amazing woman.” That he loves and respects her so much warms my heart.

They love their lovely Villa Oleandra by the lake in Lake Como, where they met in 2013 and where they spend a lot of time together. The couple lives with their 2017 twins, Alexander and Ella.

In a talk, George Clooney said, “I feel lucky every day of my life.” Lucky with my job. You’re lucky to have found the right person. Things don’t always go as planned in life, but you always end up with the person you were meant to be with. Personally, I think Amal feels the same way.

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