The 18 years that Pink and Carey Hart have been married make them very happy. However, what do you know? Not quite happened. They almost didn’t make it to their 18th wedding anniversary, but Pink says that love is like always coming back to the table.

The couple has been married for 18 years and have been together for 22 years. In all those years, they’ve taken care of two great kids, travelled the world, had adventures, loved each other, fought, made up, supported each other, laughed, cried, laughed even more, broke up, got back together, partied, mourned, grown, and done a million other things!

Pink is the only person Carey says he’d rather do all of these things with. They’ve known each other for 22 years, and he can’t wait for the next 22. Even makes fun of the fact that it’s fine as long as Pink doesn’t kill him first! 😄

Pink, meanwhile, was more upset, thinking about the first time they met more than 20 years ago.


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“When I met you 22 years ago, all I wanted was someone who would be honest with me.” “I didn’t know anything about commitment, growing a life together, trust, or closeness,” she wrote. “That’s super tough.”

A lot of problems happened in Pink and Carey Hart’s relationship, but they loved each other more.


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They took a short break in 2003, but they got back together the next year. Next, in 2008, they said they were splitting up. But after a few months, they changed their minds and chose not to get divorced.

Pink says she’s proud that they got through the hard times, and she’s proud to show the “scars” of those times. She talks about Carey as her beautiful, stubborn, and unbreakable rock with love.

When Pink and Carey Hart first started dating in 2021, she told People magazine that she was very “needy,” which means she depended on him a lot. But both of them changed and grew up over time. They changed into their own people.

It’s easy to see the person you’re dating as your whole world when you first start dating them, she said. Pink knew, though, that one person can’t make you happy in every way. People like you, friends, and time for yourself are important. That made her depend less on Carey and him depend less on her. They could give each other more space and freedom after this change.

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