Johnny Depp was great in his comeback part after he and his ex-wife Amber Heard fought for years over his reputation.
After making a return, the actor did an interview where he talked about how he felt.

The crowd cheered for 7 minutes straight, and Depp tried not to cry. His friends were shocked to see that he had “literally rotten” teeth.
Johnny Depp was in a lot of trouble for a long time because he was in court with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

In the well-known defamation trial, Heard said that Depp abused her, but the jurors found in Depp’s favor.

The actor got his image back after a rough patch when he was praised for his part in a movie at the Cannes Film Festival premiere.

Depp’s appearance at the event was his first public appearance since 2022, when his court case with Heard ended.

At the start of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in Paris, France, Depp got a 7-minute standing applause.

In the biology drama “Jeanne Du Bary,” the actor played King Louis XV. People gave him a standing ovation, which made Depp look shocked. He tried not to cry, but he did wave to the people on the balcony.

The star of “Black Mass” was also welcomed with open arms in Cannes. Supportive fans with thousands of signs tried to touch their hero outside of the Palais.

Depp hung out outside for five minutes before walking the red carpet, where many fans were able to touch him.

It was in “Jeanne Du Bary” that Depp got his first big acting part since the end of his lawsuit against Heard.

Depp hasn’t done much in Hollywood since Heard accused him of abuse, even though the jury found him not guilty.

Maïwenn plays Jeanne Vaubernier in this new movie. Also, Maïwenn is in charge of making and directing the movie. In the 1800s, Vaubernier was a working-class woman who worked her way up to become King Louis XV’s lover.

Even though she was in love with the king, Vaubernier was looked down upon by society because she was from the working class. She lost favor in the king’s court. Pascal Greggory, Benjamin Lavernhe, Melvil Poupaud, and Pierre Richard are some of the other players who play lead roles in the movie.

During an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, Depp also said that the public court case he had with Heard would not define him.

Even though people liked Depp at the festival, Heard’s friends criticized the people in charge of the event for bringing him.

Eve Barlow, a writer and friend of Heard’s, said that the people in charge of the event “have a history of supporting and abusing.”

But Thierry Fremaux, the head of the festival, said he didn’t know anything about how Depp is seen in the U.S. He said he was just following the law:

This includes the freedom to think, speak, and act within the limits of the law. Let’s not talk about it if Johnny Depp was not allowed to be in a movie or if the movie itself was not allowed to be shown.

Fremaux said that Maïwenn should be questioned because she picked Depp for the role. Not only that, but he said he couldn’t comment on Depp’s legal fight with Heard:

“I feel like I’m the only person in the world who wasn’t interested in this major trial.” It’s not clear to me. As an actor, I also care about Johnny Depp.

Aside from the support and criticism from Heard’s friends, Depp was also the subject of a lot of online chatter because of the way he looked.

Depp’s teeth looked disgusting to fans who saw an online picture of him at the event. They said they were “literally rotting.” A friend said, “Oh dear lord,” when she saw pictures of Depp’s decaying teeth.

This is not the first time a fan has said something about Depp’s looks. One fan once said the star looked “homeless.”
The actor looked great on the red carpet at the event this time, but fans were more interested in his teeth, as one person said:

“Johnny Depp’s new movie, #JeanneDuBarry, gets a F rating from critics with a score of 51.” The score is as dull as his teeth right now. Many congratulations!”

People were upset by the pictures of Depp’s teeth. One person said he didn’t want to see them because he had already seen all of the pictures against his will. Someone else said that Depp’s teeth looked like they had been grabbed and painted black.

Someone online spoke up for the star and said, “He makes too much money to have teeth like that.” Oh, I see, he might be making another pirate movie. Someone else said that Depp’s teeth looked like the pictures on cigarette packs. The following person commented:

“Yeah, he smokes tobacco and hash spliffs all the time and has for about 10 years.” At least that’s when I read the Rolling Stone story.

Still another person said that seeing pictures of the actor’s teeth made them feel bad. More people said Depp was ugly because of his teeth:

“I will block you if you post a picture of Johnny Depp because he is so ugly.” It gives me chills just to think about his face ”

People on the Internet said they should start a petition to ask the actor to see a doctor about his teeth. “With the way his teeth look, he should make an appointment for those veneers,” someone else said.

But some people said Depp’s teeth looked like they were going bad because he was supposedly getting ready for his “new Jack Sparrow role.”

More people supported Depp and said that actors were real people and should be able to look ugly because that’s what it means to be realistic and interesting in real life.

During an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, Depp also said that the public court case he had with Heard would not define him.

The star from “City of Lies” asked people not to judge him because he was in court. The fight in court with Heard had a big effect on the actor’s career. He lost roles, including one in the “Fantastic Beats” series.

The actor’s movie job doesn’t seem to be in danger, though, since he was already in a big movie. He said:

“It’s strange to come back because…” I stayed put. For whatever reason, strong press and media may have made sure that I wasn’t looked at in a good light.

Judges of the 60-year-old man were also told to spend time with their families and take the day off to judge those close to them.

He told people to think back a long time and see if their dads, uncles, and brothers have always been good people:

“Take a moment to look around you before you judge someone because you don’t know what they’ve been through or who they are.”

Depp had been out of the public eye for a while, but he seemed happy at the Cannes Film Festival as he talked to fans, took selfies with them, and signed their autographs.

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