Following an accident on her scooter, Alfonso Ribeiro’s cute four-year-old daughter Ava Sue is now on the road to healing.

Ava’s strength has been a source of comfort for her father, who is best known as the host of Dancing with the Stars. The bad thing happened just one day before her fourth birthday. Alfonso, who is 51 years old, thanked the doctors and nurses at @kareskinmd on Instagram for their quick and skilled care.

Because of their skills, bruising is much less likely to happen. In addition, Alfonso couldn’t help but praise his young daughter for being so brave during the whole surgery.

Alfonso recently shared his positivity and said that Ava is doing really well, even though they’ve had some hard and scary times. He was excited for Ava to join the Fourth of July events in Washington, D.C., which showed how far she had come in her recovery.

Alfonso admitted that the process had been long and complicated, but he was so happy of Ava’s amazing recovery. When Alfonso thought about the crash in May, he said that he wasn’t there when it happened.

Luckily, their nanny was there to help right away, and Alfonso was told right away, which led to quick medical care. Angela Unkrich, Alfonso’s second wife, and he got married in 2012. They love being parents to Ava. Alfonso “AJ” Lincoln, nine, and Anders Reyn, eight, are their other two wonderful children collectively. Also, Alfonso has a daughter named Sienna who is twenty years old from his first marriage to Robin Stapler.

Alfonso, who is happy to be a father of four, couldn’t help but praise Ava’s incredible strength and determination, even though he knew that she might need some time to heal.

As he happily told her, “She’s still active and moving around,” he made it clear that the wound is officially healed, but it will take some time for the scar to fade. He agreed that the scar might not be very important medically, but it would be very upsetting for a parent who was worried about their child’s health.

Angela, Ava’s loving mother, also posted on Instagram about how worried and loved she was during the event. She said that she had a motherly sense or a dream in the morning that Ava would be going to the emergency room.

It was made clear by Angela that safety and care were the most important things for everyone planning Ava’s birthday party, including family, friends, and the babysitter. Her words would later hit home with everyone there, but she had no idea it at the time.

As Ava Sue continues to get better, her parents, Alfonso Ribeiro and Angela Unkrich, are full of thanks for all the help they’ve gotten and the progress their brave daughter has made.

Because they love and care for each other no matter what, their family bond is strong and can’t be broken, even when things get hard.

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