Unexpectedly many things you can’t do until you reach a certain age, like book a hotel room and drive a car. On the other hand, it looks like you can also get too old to do some things. Some of those habits are pretty normal, like wearing jeans.

According to the fashionistas, you can outgrow your best jeans. But there’s a point at which experts say you should put that pair of jeans in a donation bin. It’s not just a matter of taste, either; the writer backs up her claim with numbers.

A UK courier company called CollectPlus recently polled 2,000 buyers across the country to get the information. People were asked to talk about how they shop and what clothes they like, right down to the jeans they think are the best.

The end results showed that most of the people who answered agreed that people should not try to fit into jeans after age 53. So why? Luckily, it’s not because you’re dressing badly. Truth be told, it gets harder to find shoes that fit after that age.

Unfortunately, the numbers are not good for people who love jeans. Researchers said that one in ten people over the age of 50 who answered said they tried on up to six kinds before finding the right pair. The study also discovered that by age 53, most people feel the most stress when they are shopping for pants. 6% of shoppers got so angry that they actually started crying.

It might as well be rocket science to find the right pair of blue jeans, no matter how old you are. Studies show that people look for jeans for an average of five to eight days. Which is why most people don’t buy a new pair for at least three more years.

There’s no stopping you if you want to wear your favorite jeans until you quit.

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