As often as science confirms what we already know to be true, it also sometimes brings us new information that makes us wonder.

New studies from scientists say that a 43-year-old model may have the “ideal figure,” which goes against what most people think. Read on if you want to find out more about her!

The results showed that women like bodies that are “fuller” and “curvier.”

A person with a bust of 93 centimeters, a waist of 61 centimeters, and hips that are 87 centimeters should have a body mass index of 18.85.


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Also, the study shows that a good hip-to-waist ratio is between.65 and.75.

The specs here are very similar to those of British beauty Kelly Brook.

Modern ideas of beauty might call her “plump,” but study shows that she has the shape that men find most attractive.

Still, beauty is a personal thing that changes from person to person based on their taste in art.

The study may have found the scientifically ideal body type, but that doesn’t mean that bodies that aren’t ideal are bad or ugly.

It makes a point of saying that the common idea of what makes a woman beautiful, which is often being thin, doesn’t match up with science evidence.

Today’s world values and celebrates differences more than ever, so it’s important to recognize the variety in what we find beautiful.

In the modeling business, plus-size women are seen as just as beautiful as any other model, which goes against the norms.

The idea that the ideal female body is like that of a fashion model, who is usually very thin, was widely believed for a long time.

Prepare for a paradigm change, though.

As times change, so do beauty standards. Now, Kate Moss’s slim figure is seen as more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe’s curvy body.

People all over the world love the hourglass shape, but a new study from Texas University questions this long-held view.

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