Helen Hunt likes the way her skin looks as it naturally ages, as you can see from her new pictures taken by freelance photographers that haven’t been edited. You may know her from “What Women Want” as Dancy.

Unlike a lot of famous people, she hasn’t had any surgery and doesn’t feel bad about it. Hunt doesn’t feel bad about her age at all; in fact, she’s proud of the lines, sagging skin, and other signs of getting older.

Is it just me who didn’t see her right away?, Icons also get old, Mel Gibson would be upset! Her name is actor, and she’s from the show What Women Want. The passage of time has changed her!

Excellent work! We all got tired of all the fake faces and wanted to see you age naturally. Nothing, not even getting older, can take away her timeless beauty! Silently feel jealous! She doesn’t have to live up to all of your hopes.

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