Elvis Presley was one of the most talented artists ever, regardless of your taste in music.

Few would disagree.

The King gave the world many years of wonderful stage performances despite his tragic death.

Many video clips show Elvis at his peak, but one stands out. I get chills thinking about Elvis’ final recording.

Despite his physical decline, the show is a historical masterpiece.

Though important, this clip is obscure. This is a classic Elvis song, beloved by his followers. He sings with such passion that his final performance may be his greatest! Your thoughts?

Elvis was a born entertainer who worked till his death. He left us many memorable moments and was known for giving his best to audiences.

Take this performance seriously even though he may not be his top self. His voice is tremendous!

This may be one of the icon’s best shows. Despite my disagreement, I can relate to the sentiment.

Elvis appears in Rapid City, South Dakota, to sing “Unchained Melody.” Goosebumps appeared when I first saw it!

Elvis died six weeks after this recording. His music and legend will remain forever after he died at 42.

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