The London Clinic, a prominent private hospital in the city centre, has hosted Kate Middleton for nearly a week. Princess of Wales will shortly return to Windsor to recover from stomach surgery.

Despite the London Clinic’s luxury, Kate wants to see her family. Prince Philip and JFK have visited the hospital.

Kate said she wanted to resume royal duties quickly, but she warned of the risks. Kate’s doctor delivers a serious recovery caution.

To support his wife and children, Prince William has postponed engagements and Kate has cleared her schedule until she recovers. Prince of Wales now drops off and picks up their children from school.

Kate will avoid engagements until after Easter, but she may concentrate on her campaigns to recover. Kate misses her children and husband as much as they miss her during her week in the luxurious hospital.

Lucky for her, George, Charlotte, and Louis have visited her and use FaceTime. Prince of Wales uses technology to connect Kate with her children via video and voice.

When working away, Kate loves FaceTiming her kids, so she stays in touch while in the hospital. Both William and Kate actively parent, keeping the kids’ lives normal. While Kate is hospitalised, William keeps home life routine.

Many celebrities have visited the central London Clinic, an hour from Windsor. The 1932 institution diagnosed John F. Kennedy with Addison’s illness in 1947. In 1963, Elizabeth Taylor had knee surgery, and Augusto Pinochet was jailed at the facility for crimes against humanity in 1998.

Since 1980, royal family members have opened facilities at The London Clinic. Prince Charles inaugurated the physiotherapy section in 1989, Princess Margaret the MRI facility in 1990, and Queen Elizabeth II the cancer unit in 2010.

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