After losing his best friend and manager, James Caan had a change of heart and decided to give up a lot in his work so he could see his son, Scott Caan, grow up.

The family of James Caan posted the news of his death on his Twitter account on July 7, 2022. They were thankful for the kind comments from fans. The famous actor, best known for his part in “The Godfather,” died at the age of 82, leaving a long legacy.

Within their post, James’s family lovingly called him “Jimmy” and shared the very sad news of his death. James lived a full life and was married four times before he died.

In 1961, he married actress Dee Jay Mathis, but they split up after five years. Their marriage produced a girl named Tara. After that, James married Playboy model Sheila Ryan in 1976. They had a son named Scott together before the marriage ended in 1977.

The late star got married to Ingrid Hajek in 1990. They had a son together named Alexander before getting a divorce in 1994. In 1995, he married Linda Stokes for the last time. They were together for twenty years and had two boys, James Jr. and Jacob. The couple fought in court, and James finally filed for divorce three times, in 2005, 2009, and 2015.

James Caan turned down a part in “Apocalypse Now” to be with his wife when their son Scott was born. This was a big choice in his career. He put his family ahead of a fancy lifestyle, which showed how much he cared about being a dad.

The death of James’ sister Barbara, who was his boss and best friend, changed his whole life. He was devastated by her death, but he knew that love was short-lived and turned his attention to the more important goal of growing up with his son.

As Scott Caan thought back on his youth, he remembered how his father stopped acting for fifteen years to be a full-time parent. Even though things went up and down, Scott loved spending time with his dad and made sure to stress that he knew James as a parent, not as a famous actor.

There were problems in their relationship, and James was open about his problems with addiction. However, Scott recognized the real, if unusual, bond he had with his father. In 2010, Scott said that their relationship didn’t always work out, but he stressed that they were both going through hard times together.

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