After seeing her recently, Jennifer Lopez’s friends told her to get a new stylist! The singer showed up in an open dress without any shame!

Fans went crazy when J. Lo showed up in a black and white dress with her stomach and back exposed. Saying that her provocative look left everyone stunned isn’t even a statement.

The first picture of her was of her in a dress with bold slits that barely covered her private parts. There was a hint of sexiness in the deep neckline that went to the belly. Her stylish bag and hat went perfectly with her outfit.

It made a lot of people wonder why she showed up without her husband.

Her presence makes Ben happy. Her hairdressers did a great job! I honestly can’t take my eyes off of this hottie! She forgot her husband at home in this way if she was getting old!

Not even the slightest bit embarrassed!, We need to find her a new hairdresser! That person who made this dress needs to see my face. What a bad decision!

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