When Goldie Hawn wore a swimsuit recently, it shocked everyone. But what really got people’s attention was that she’s 77 years old! When some fans saw her in this outfit, they were let down because they could see the natural signs of age, like wrinkles and less elasticity.

People were very angry about her decision to show off her body on the beach in front of a lot of people. Some said she might be going too far for her age.

But quickly, a lot of Goldie Hawn’s loyal fans came to her defense. They stressed how great she looked for being 77 years old.

People said things like, “She’s so beautiful at embracing her age!”, “Not every 77-year-old looks this young!”, and “Why not celebrate her confidence?” poured in, refuting the first criticisms. It’s clear that Goldie Hawn’s decisions continue to make her fans talk and argue.

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