King Charles has gone to the royal estate of Sandringham to get more care and rest away from the attention of the public after being diagnosed with cancer.

It was announced this week that the 75-year-old king had been given the diagnosis after surgery for an enlarged prostate.

Public still doesn’t know what kind of cancer Charles has or what stage it is in, but Buckingham Palace has made it clear that it’s not prostate cancer.

As is common with the Royal Family, not much is known about Charles’ health problems. But Prince Harry went back to the UK on Tuesday for a secret meeting with his father. It was the first time they had seen each other since Queen Elizabeth died. It is said that the King told his closest family members about his illness in person.

This week, Charles and Queen Camilla were seen leaving London’s Clarence House by chopper for Norfolk. It was their first public appearance since the cancer news.

Reports say that after Charles’ chat with Harry, the helicopter landed at the royal Sandringham estate on Tuesday afternoon. This is where the Royal Family usually spends Christmas.

His cancer treatment has supposedly begun, and sources say he is still in a good mood.

Even so, some people think Charles might cut back on his official tasks and public appearances while he is getting treatment.

The writer of Charles III: New King is Robert Hardman. This is the New Court. The Inside Story, told BBC Radio 4’s Today show, “I think we won’t see him at Westminster Abbey now…” No big changes will be made to how the royalty works on a daily basis.

Although Buckingham Palace has given reassurances, new reports have caused concern.

Radar Online cites medical experts who say Charles’ cancer might be close to his prostate and could affect his liver, stomach, or lungs.

New York neurologist Dr. Stuart Fischer said, “According to the latest studies, you die with prostate cancer, not of it.” If the cancer was found in his lungs and liver, he might only have a few years left to live.

Any way you look at it, we’re here for King Charles during this tough time and hope he gets better soon.

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