People know Henry Winkler as Fonzie from the TV show Happy Days. It was cool to be Fonzie in the 1970s.

He was born in New York City on October 30, 1945. He had a dream of becoming an actress his whole life. In 2019, he told NPR, “I knew I wanted to act as soon as I could think like an adult.” I had no backup plan. I never went astray. I always thought that the only thing I could do in this world was try to make a living as an actress.

Young Henry Winkler had trouble in school and learning. This made things tough between him and his parents. At that time, he didn’t know that he had dyslexia, a disorder that makes it hard to read and write. They didn’t know this and thought he was stupid. The mean names they used for him included “Dummo Hund,” which means “dumb dog.”

Even though Winkler had a lot of problems in school, he went to college. He graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s degree in 1967 and from the Yale School of Drama with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1970. It was hard for him, but he didn’t give up on his dreams.

Winkler did ads after a short time on Broadway in 1972. And he made a living doing it. He was able to follow his dream of playing in plays at night.

Many folks adored Henry Winkler on Happy Days. The cool way he dressed with his motorcycle and leather jacket impressed them. People know about these things now because of him.

A lot of people knew him as The Fonz, but it was hard for him to get good acting jobs after that. It was hard for him for about eight years.

Winkler said that reading was hard for him because he had dyslexia. He had to remember everything for the interviews. He used humor to hide any flaws and tried to get to the heart of the character.

He began working behind the scenes after Happy Days. Fox TV shows like MacGyver, So Weird, and Mr. Sunshine were made by him. He was also in movies and TV shows, such as Scream and The Waterboy and The Practice and Arrested Development.

Henry Winkler began working as an actor in 2018 in a show called Barry. His character is a teacher named Gene Cousineau. It’s on with Bill Hader. Unfortunately, they had to stop shooting because of the coronavirus. They were looking forward to starting up again in January. Since December 2018, Winkler has been ready to play Gene Cousineau.

Writer Winkler has put out around 30 books since the early 2000s.

Initially, he didn’t believe he could write books. His boss told him to do it, though. The Hollywood Reporter asked him in 2011 if he thought he could do it.

In 1978, Henry Winkler married Stacey Furstman Weitzman.

Their first meeting happened at Stacey’s job, which was a clothing shop. Henry wanted to buy a coat, and Stacey helped him choose one. She almost said no when Henry asked her to go on a date a week later.

Henry thought back to the first time they met. He told her, “She had red hair and purple parachute pants on.” I thought, “Wow, what a beautiful woman standing in front of me,” even before she spoke. Within a week, I went back to the store and saw her there. And I found out how strong she is in 10 minutes.”

As soon as they started dating, Stacey and her son, who is 4, moved in with Winkler. Due to Winkler’s rising fame, they had to figure out what to do.

Stacey thought back to a time when some people rushed Henry and stepped on her. People magazine quoted her as saying, “One time I said, ‘You’ve just completely ruined my stockings.'” This woman said, “But I love Fonzie!”

Their child was a girl named Zoey and a son named Max after them.

Max did the same things his dad did. There, he writes, produces, and directs movies in Hollywood. He has been in TV shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and New Girl.

Two times, Stacey has beat cancer. Two times, in the 1990s and 2007, she had breast cancer. Her breasts were surgically removed, and she hasn’t had cancer since.

To help his wife, Henry Winkler supports her by working with groups that spread information about breast cancer. This man spoke at the “In the Pink of Health” Luncheon, which raises money for families and people with breast cancer.

Winkler doesn’t hid how much he loves his wife. Winkler said Stacey has been just as beautiful as the first time he saw her when James Corden shocked them on his show with a picture of their wedding day.

I remember Stacey saying that their long marriage is hard work. Some hard times have happened to them, but their love and friendship have helped them get through them.

Being grandparents is great for Henry Winkler and his wife.

These two really inspire me.

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