A 16-year-old boy with red hair named Korben White got a lot of attention on the internet when he wore a massive dress to his high school prom. Some people loved the picture of him all dressed up that his mom, Nina Green, shared, saying it’s cool and shows that you can be open-minded. Some people said it was wrong for a parent to let their child do that.

Korben told his mom when he was 12 that he wanted to wear a dress to his prom. He finally did it in 2022, after four years. There are times when he dresses up and calls herself “Miss Frou Frou.”

According to Nina Green, Korben got the idea to wear a dress with a tuxedo top from American star Billy Porter. He wanted to show his feminine side. The girl told him he could be himself and wear a dress.

Everyone cheered for Korben when he got to Archbishop Sancroft High School for his prom. He was wearing a sparkly red outfit with a white shirt and a big red bow. Nina Green, his mom, was pleased. She said that people were crying with joy as they saw Korben being himself. His peers, more than anyone else at school, were there for him.

Nina Green also gave a lot of help. She tweeted about how proud she was of Korben for being himself and wearing what he wanted. Some of the people from around the world who saw her tweet were judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race and Michelle Visage. She said that Korben is a star and that his mom is great.

Korben said he thought it was weird that Michelle Visage saw his mom’s tweet.

“She’s like a star to me, and I look up to her,” he said.

Nina Green didn’t think that so many people would respond to her online message. To show how happy she was for her son, she did this. She was even asked for help by other moms.

People told stories and showed pictures of themselves. Some people were worried about their son because he wants to do the same thing at prom but might not get everyone’s support. Someone else said that their transgender son was being bullied at school, so they had to pull him out. It was too cold for him to wear a suit to prom. Someone else said their daughter looked beautiful in a suit at her prom.

Many people were supportive and positive, but some said mean things, which shows that not everyone agrees.

Certain individuals said phrases such as “Our society doesn’t have much hope” and “This is terrible.” This is not what parents should do with their boys to teach them to be strong. “Boys shouldn’t dress like girls, and it’s scary that people support it,” said someone else. Another person said, “The world is bad. Kids shouldn’t act like cowboys anymore, but men should act like women.” It makes no sense.”

Nina Green did not care about the hate, though. After her famous tweet, she took her son to London Pride and posted a nice picture of the two of them. Some people said they looked great, but others were mean, like the person who called her son a bad name.

Green says she ignores mean tweets, and she hopes that her relationship with Korben will be an example for other kids and parents.

“I really hope that it makes other people more understanding.” Let parents know they’re not alone and feel proud. She also told them, “I want young people to know they can get help if they need it.” “You should love your kids without any conditions.”

Kudos to Korben Green for being himself! He is lucky to have a mom who always stands by him.

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