Recently, Braydon the Younger and his mother went to Walmart, which is the biggest food store in the US.

They were only there for a short time before his mom started to worry about where Braydon was.

After a short time of looking in a panic, she found him…

She yelled at him for getting lost right away. But why was he praying in front of a sign? When that happened, she looked at the sign.

Losing their child, even for a short time, is every parent’s worst fear.

It really does happen a lot, especially in places with a lot of people, like stores and shopping malls.

This also happened to Braydon’s mom. As soon as possible, she had to leave Walmart.

The song Faith Tap says that Braydon’s mom said, “I had to rush into Walmart.” I checked to see if my son was right next to me by walking around.

Naturally, he wasn’t. Braydon had thought of a quick way to get away from his mom.

When she saw her son, Braydon was on his knees in front of a sign. He prayed inside a store.

She was shocked and asked him what he was doing. She started to understand her son’s behavior better as she got closer to the sign.

Big letters read, “Every second counts.” There were pictures of children who were lost next to those words.

While looking at the sign, Braydon separated himself from his mother and hoped to God that the children would be safe.

The sad picture and the story that went with it quickly went viral on the internet.

Aubrey Jayce Carroll, a teenager who went missing in 2016, has a Facebook page that is looking for her. The page found Braydon’s story and chose to honor him.

We don’t know this little boy’s name, but I appreciate him praying for those kids. Among them is my cousin Aubrey Carroll. I’m not going to lie—this has touched me. That kid deserves an official thank you if I knew where or who he was.

More than 115,000 people have shared the Facebook picture of Braydon on his knees in front of the sign since it was posted.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 800,000 American kids and teens go missing every year. You have to agree that this is a really big number.

One Facebook user who shared the picture said it best: “It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not.”

This young person did what he could to help other people at Walmart. It would be better for everyone if they did what he did.

Parents, I’m so proud of you! This is a strong base that you’re building on.

I respect how important faith is to him and pray for his soul.

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