Someone on TikTok got a lot of negative feedback when they talked about people who eat at nice places but don’t tip the servers. People watched the movie a lot, which shows how important it is to tip.

People in the United States talk a lot about tips on social media. Some people are mad because they think you should tip, and anything less than 20% of the bill is not enough.

A diner worker named Lillie, whose TikTok name is @mylasoasis_, said something brave in a new video that has since been taken down. And she said that if you can’t afford to tip, you might not want to eat out.

At the beginning of her film, Lillie tells the camera, “You don’t have to go out to eat.” You decided to do it. You might want to think twice about going out to eat if you can’t leave a 20% tip.

In the US, there is a discussion going on about how servers should be paid. Some people think servers should be paid more, but Lillie and a lot of other servers depend on tips to make money.

Lillie tells him that the restaurant where she works only pays her $3.63 a day. She gets enough money from tips. Restaurant prices are often lower because they expect people to leave tips, she also says. So, she says, if you can’t tip, you might not want to eat out.

It’s like getting a nanny, she says. Not hiring someone if you can’t pay them a fair wage is incorrect. Also, don’t eat out if you can’t leave a tip. Lillie says you might want to get takeout or go to a fast food place instead if you can’t leave a tip.

Lillie says in the video’s comment, “Even if people think we should get paid more per hour, the truth is, we don’t.” This shows how angry she is. Don’t tip, because it makes things worse for you!”

There were a lot of comments on Lillie’s movie afterwords. Someone told Lillie they didn’t like how she talked about tipping after saying they always do it. They said that if being a server isn’t enough for you, you should look for a job that pays more.

It was agreed upon by someone else that if the job doesn’t pay well, it’s better to look for another one. They believed Lillie’s behavior was excessive.

However, some folks stood by Lillie. Someone else said they don’t get paid and make very little money an hour. Someone else said they liked Lillie’s message and thought other people should hear it too.

Some people said that people who don’t want to tip because they think servers should be paid more should only eat at places that pay their staff well.

Someone else said that they always leave a tip, but 20% isn’t necessary if the service wasn’t good. Tipping should depend on how good the service was, in their opinion.

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