In recent weeks, 57-year-old actor Patrick Dempsey walked the red carpet with his wife and children. He was once named the sexiest guy alive. The movie opening for Ferrari had everyone dressed up. Everyone looked great, but Darby, one of Patrick’s twin boys who is 16 years old, stood out.

The fact that Darby looks a lot like his dad made people talk. Fans were shocked at how much they looked alike. Darby was compared to his dad by one person. One of his fans said he might become the next “McDreamy,” after the role his dad played on Grey’s Anatomy.

Actually, Demspey family members are all very good-looking.

Patricia and Jillian’s first child was a girl named Talula. She was born in 2002. After some time, they had twin boys, Darby and Sullivan, who are now 16 years old.

Patrick has talked about having three kids and how, for him and his wife, having a bigger family made things easier.

“I love having a big family,” the Grey’s Anatomy star reported in 2008. In a strange way, I think it’s easier to have three kids than one. And it’s been great for my marriage, our life, and everything else.”

Things got harder for Patrick as his kids got older. It takes a lot of work to raise teenagers.

He told People magazine in 2023, “It’s normal for them to want to be on their own.” “They need to grow up, make mistakes, and learn from them. In every situation, you should be there for your child as a parent.

It took years, but Patrick was finally named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“This is a good time in my life for it to happen.” “Being recognized is nice,” the star said.

McDreamy said that his kids would probably make fun of him if they knew how his kids would respond.

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