There are a lot of babies born every day around the world who are different in some way. No matter what, though, every baby is unique and needs love, care, and attention.

Some people don’t get this, which is sad. If they don’t think their baby is perfect, they might even want to give up or stop taking care of them.

Today, we should know better, but many babies with Down syndrome still don’t know what will happen because of false beliefs about the disease.


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One Russian dad wants to change that, though. He’s taking care of his Down syndrome son Misha by himself. He wants to get rid of the negative ideas people have about people with Down syndrome and show that all children are special and deserve love.

It is said that 33-year-old Evgeny Anisimov wants to show that kids with Down syndrome deserve love and respect just like any other kid. After learning that their son Misha had Down syndrome, his wife left him and now he is taking care of Misha by himself.

Doctors told Evgeny and his wife right after Misha was born, “I fear that your baby has Down Syndrome.”

She told Bored Panda, “I didn’t know what to do when I found out that my son might have Down Syndrome.” It seemed like my job was to be tough, help my wife, and wait for the test results before telling her anything.


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He said, “I cried shortly after leaving the hospital after learning that my son had Down syndrome.” Afterward, I felt a little bad about crying. There was no real change in my life.

There were still two arms and two legs on me, and I still knew everything I knew. I was still focused, interested, and busy. Everything went as planned, and I had a boy. He is unique, though, and his life and future are very important. I’m crying right now! That is a selfish thing to do, right? It is not fair. No, I’m responsible for it. I knew there weren’t many chances, but I still didn’t get an amniocentesis. Since I wanted a child, I need to take care of him. There are a lot of options, like autism, cerebral palsy, or genetic changes. It turns out that Down Syndrome isn’t the worst.

That same night, Evgeny began to learn about people with Down syndrome.

“I learned that caring for people with Down syndrome is very good in Europe.” “They’re free to live and work,” he instructed. “However, that didn’t change my mind.”


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For Evgeny, it was never a choice to leave his son. His wife didn’t feel the same way, though, which was sad.

“I never even considered giving my son up for adoption.” He said, “That would be horribly mean.” He and his wife eventually split up, and now Evgeny is raising Misha by himself.

“A baby in the world wonders if they are wanted when they are born. Furthermore, I inform my son, “Yes, you are needed!” Normal people would take care of him, even if they were by themselves. Simply put, I’m a normal guy, not some kind of hero.

It’s Evgeny’s goal to make people more aware of Down syndrome. It’s not something they can handle, and he hopes that no parent will ever think that having a kid with Down syndrome is a punishment.


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He told Bored Panda, “I want all the stories about Misha and me to show people that it’s okay and not a problem to have a child with Down syndrome.” I want to give people in the same position as me hope and encouragement. And I talk to people far away as well as individuals close by. I hope people who are having a hard time read about us and feel better. No need to worry! There won’t be any problems!”

I believe that individuals such as Evgeny should be praised greatly. Misha is lucky to have him as a dad because he does great things.

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