No one saw coming when Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie got married in 1999. Billy Bob was a lot older than Angelina, and both of them were already seeing other people. This made people shocked.

Lisa Dern, the actress, who was engaged to Billy Bob at the time, was taken off guard. All of Laura’s plans for their relationship fell through when she learned about the wedding at the same time.

In 1997, Laura broke up with Jeff Goldblum and Billy Bob was getting split from his fourth wife. That’s when Laura and Billy Bob started dating. The two were going to marry soon when Billy Bob met Angelina on the set of a movie in 1999.

Laura was shocked when they got married quickly in Las Vegas in May 2000, the end of their fast-paced love story. “I left to work on a movie, and my boyfriend got married while I was gone. I haven’t heard from him since,” she said. Because she didn’t get any answers, this made her feel very sad and confused.

In an interview in 2001, Billy Bob said sorry, “Some may say that you left our girl and married someone else.” He never admitted doing anything wrong. But it was good for me and someone else. I’m sorry it made you hurt.

Even weirder, Angelina and Laura had met before. Angelina and Laura were kids together, and Laura used to watch them.

David Dern, Laura’s dad, remembers when Laura watched Angelina Jolie when she was 2 years old. Laura was 8. Bruce and his friend Jon Voight were making a movie together at the time.

Melanie Etheridge, Laura’s friend, helped her move out of their house after Laura broke up with Billy Bob. Melissa said Angelina wasn’t being nice to Laura when she was with Billy Bob. Melissa had to break into their house to get Laura’s things out because things were so bad.

Laura got married to Ben Harper after all the trouble. The two of them have two children. Angelina and Billy Bob split up in 2002. Because Billy Bob wanted more privacy, he broke up with popular people. He tried to live a quieter life by getting married again in 2014 to someone who works with dolls.

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