It can be hard to put into words the feelings that come with finding out you are going to be a parent for the first time. No matter if we are going to be parents or not, most of us are thrilled to hear that we will be having a child.

As expected, our first thoughts are full of hope. We may dream about what our child will look like and the things we will teach or do with them. We may also be very excited about the feeling of touching them for the first time.

Sadly, not all pregnancies are as happy as most of us hope they will be. Since Carlos Morales is from Phoenix, Arizona, he is very familiar with this hard reality. His story is a powerful example of how life has two sides that are both very sad.

Carlos Morales and Erica Morales looked like they would make a great couple. Meeting at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2006, they started dating. Carlos didn’t speak English and Erica didn’t speak Spanish, but it was clear that they were attracted to each other.

There are rumors that Carlos and Erica spent most of their first night together dancing. After the club closed, Carlos gave Erica a piece of paper with his phone number written on it. But she lost the paper later, which could have been the end of their relationship. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas.

They got back together through friends they both had, and it didn’t take long for them to understand how much they loved each other.

As a sign of his commitment, Carlos learned English so that he and Erica could talk to each other better. Erica then studied Spanish.

“Look at these good things. When they scream their heads off, I still want to give them the best kiss. What I mean is this…

In 2007, they got married in Las Vegas and started making plans to have a child.

A miscarriage happened during their first try, which was very sad. After fertility treatments, Erica got pregnant again, but this time the couple got a big surprise.

Medical professionals told Erica’s first ultrasound that she was having not one but four babies!

Over the course of several months, Carlos and Erica got ready to have four babies. Erica was tired from having four kids, so Carlos did his best to take care of her while doing things around the house like cooking and cleaning.

ABC15 Arizona put out a story on March 1, 2015. Erica was taken to the hospital on January 12, 2015, because her blood pressure was too high. She told Carlos before he got there that doctors were going to deliver the babies early because she was still having contractions.

Carlos and Erica took pictures and movies of the moment Carlos arrived to remember it. The last thing Carlos did before Erica went into the delivery room was kiss her on the cheek and say, “Let’s get these babies out.”

He had no idea how much this day would change his life.

Carlos said that the four babies—three girls and one boy—were born through a C-section.

Miguel told Yahoo, “We were so excited to start our family.” “After that, everything fell apart.”

Right after giving birth, Erica went into hypovolemic shock, a condition in which a lot of blood and fluids are lost.

The nurses ran in when the alarm went off while Carlos was sitting next to his wife’s bed. The new father was told to wait outside while hospital staff took care of his wife. After an hour, the doctor came back and told Carlos that Erica had died.

After his wife died too soon, Carlos Morales and his four children have won the hearts of many Americans.”All we are is…”On March 20, 2015, Friday, 93.9 WKYS post

He thought, “How could this have happened?” It was fine for a while, but then it wasn’t. Later, she was no longer alive. One day I was having the best day of my life, the next morning I had the worst day of my life. It was after I had my four kids that my wife died.

Because of a talk he had with his late wife, Carlos named his children Carlos Jr., Paisley, and Tracey. He named his third child “Erica.”

The grieving father was able to bring home two of his children from the hospital on January 16, 2015. They were finally able to go home on March 11.

Carlos knew that he had to be there for his kids, even though the death of his love made him feel like he had lost everything. The dad of four took classes on how to take care of babies and learned how to clean them, feed them when they were hungry, and keep their sleep schedules on track. Besides that, he learned how to do CPR.

Eventually, Erica’s mother, Sondra Bridges, moved in with Carlos to help him take care of her grandchildren.

“Funny how things work out,” Sondra said. “It’s both sad and happy, but it’s been amazing thanks to God and everyone’s support.” Also, I want to thank all of you privately. Thank you so much for all your help.

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