This week marks a year since former President Jimmy Carter started getting hospice care. His grandson, on the other hand, says that Carter’s heart is still strong despite the problems.

Carter has had a lot of health problems since he started hospice care in February of last year. His wife Rosalynn died in November, and he has also had brain cancer, liver cancer, a broken hip, and surgery on his brain.

Even with all of these problems, Carter’s grandson gave an update on his health, saying, “After a year in hospice, every day, we have no expectations for his body.” He told CBS Sunday Morning, “But we know that his spirit is as strong as ever.”

The Carter family said they were thankful for all the help they had gotten over the past year and that President Carter was still at home with his family. Their talks were also sparked by Carter’s choice to go to hospice care.

Carter is in the very small group of people (6% of those who started hospice care) who have lived longer than a year. He was very sad when his wife Rosalynn died in November. They had been married for 77 years and had a close relationship.

Carter’s doctor, Dr. Michael Raines, was worried after Rosalynn died and said he understood how much Carter had lost. He understood how much long-married couples count on each other and how devastating a loss would be.

Let us send Jimmy Carter our best hopes for peace and pray for his health in the days to come as we share his story. If you want to pray for him with us, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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