Hilary Swank doesn’t feel bad about taking time off to care for her sick dad. The actress talked on the Today show about her new movie, Ordinary Angels. The film annoyed her dad, she said. She didn’t act from 2014 to 2017 so she could help her dad get a lung transplant and get better.

In her words, it was a very significant time. She was thankful for the chance to relax. The experience strengthened her relationship with her dad. Within 2021, her dad passed away.

She plays a hairdresser in Ordinary Angels who helps a man find his daughter a liver transplant. Because her dad had a lung surgery, this subject is very important to her. This film interests her dad, she says.

She answered questions about her break from acting in 2020. She said taking care of her dad all the time was hard. It was meant to be a year, but because her dad’s lung transplant was hard, it took three years. She wrote on Instagram about her dad’s death. She told him she missed him all the time.

In October, she posted a picture of her and her dad on Instagram to mark two years since father’s death. People were happy because of him, she said. It’s still very sad for her.

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