Felix, a handyman and single dad, sees Mrs. McAllister, his elderly neighbor, trying to tame her overgrown lawn. He helps her even though she doesn’t want to, and he’s surprised when she gives him a strange metal box as a gift. Things get bad, though, when Mrs. McAllister’s lawyer calls for a meeting right away. Later, Felix finds out that the box is worth a crazy $250,000! He is having trouble paying for his daughter Suzie’s future, so he is thinking about selling it. A call from Mrs. McAllister’s lawyer makes things more complicated; the lawyer says Felix stole an important family heirloom.

Felix refuses to give in and plans to sell the box at auction. But at the sale house, things get complicated because he doesn’t have the right paperwork. This leads to a chase that makes him think of high school football. Felix breaks into Mrs. McAllister’s house to get the papers he needs, but he is torn about doing it. Henry McAllister, Mrs. McAllister’s son, catches him and says he will call the cops if the box isn’t returned by morning. Felix knows he has no choice but to send Suzie away with the box and tells her to sell it for at least $100,000. Felix gives up his life to protect Suzie while the cops surround his house. Even though Henry files charges, there are problems with the law, and Felix has to wait in jail for four months before his hearing. surprisingly, Suzie pays his bail. She was able to open the box and find a note from Mrs. McAllister telling why it was important. To get enough money to save her father, Suzie sells the box to an antiques trader. She still has $100,000 left over. Felix is freed, and even though there were problems, Suzie’s creativity and Mrs. McAllister’s strange gift saved the day in the end, ending the unexpected adventure in a bittersweet way.

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