The famous couple is known for being great grandparents. Not long ago, they dressed up as Cinderella and Prince Charming for their granddaughter’s 4th birthday.

Now it looks like they will be loving and caring for yet another child, adding to their growing group of grandchildren.

This weekend, Goldie and Kurt’s son Wyatt Russell and his wife Meredith shared some happy news that will make their family even bigger. Fans have sent the happy couple lots of love and well wishes since the news came out.

In a sweet Instagram post, Wyatt and Meredith showed off the first picture of their baby girl.

The Russell family is very happy that he arrived on February 13, a whole week early. He is healthy and weighs 8 pounds and 3 ounces. His early arrival has been met with love and joy.

According to NameBerry, the name Boone has a sense of blessing and luck that comes from its French roots. It has slowly grown in popularity since it broke into the US Top 1000 names in 2015.

Fans quickly sent their love and best wishes to the new family of three. Many people wrote nice things about Boone’s birth and the choice of his unique name.

Many people sent messages of love and happiness. One fan wrote, “That’s so darn cute!”

“Congratulations!” said someone else. You did a great job with the name, Mama.

Others wrote that Boone’s name made them think of Boone, North Carolina, while others just said they were happy for the couple and their new family.

His grandkids call him “Gogi,” and Kurt Russell has talked about how proud he is to see his son become a dad. In a recent interview with Seth Meyers, Wyatt also said that his father has been a source of advice and understanding for him, especially when it comes to figuring out how to be a parent.

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