Sometimes we forget that our thoughts should stay between us and only us.

A 76-year-old fashion blogger recently posted a picture of herself wearing a sleeveless midi dress. The post got a lot of comments, but not all of them were positive.

Cima told TODAY, “It’s not the first time this has happened, but this one surprised me.” “People have such old-fashioned ideas about what clothes are appropriate for their age, and that needs to change.”

Cima, who has 11 grandkids, wore a brown knit dress without sleeves and a sweater.

Some people liked the pro-aging influencer’s style, but others didn’t like it and said so in the comments.


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“This dress looks awkward from the side and back. Fitting below the waist is not a good thing. “Be happy about your body in other ways!” someone wrote on Facebook.

“I like the sweater on, but not the dress,” said someone else.

“That doesn’t look good at all. Not wear by themselves. “You’re too old to be showing that much skin,” wrote someone else.


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A post shared by Candace Leslie Cima (@lifeinmy70s)

“It’s okay to have wrinkled skin at 76,” Cima said. “I’m not ashamed of it.” “Sometimes I want to say, ‘Should I also cover my face? It has wrinkles.'”

In 2019, Cima started her fashion blog because she saw a need for more posts by older women.

“I saw a chance to talk about how to dress more maturely.” Because their mothers and aunts did it, women have learned that they need to cover up.

“We need to consider age in a different way.” In today’s world, we don’t need to follow these old rules.

Even though people were being very rude, Cima didn’t pay much attention to them. Instead, she helped some of her newer, younger fans.

I love getting older. You can now see everything you have learned your whole life. At this point, you are the smartest you will ever be. Take pride in it and own it.”

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