David Duchovny and Meg Ryan were in the movie “What Happens Later” together. After a special showing in New York City, they were asked to name their favorite love comedies.

Duchovny joked about a movie called “Last Tango in Paris” that caused a lot of trouble. Ryan said she loves the 1938 movie “Bringing up Baby” with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. The movie is known for romantic comedies like “When Harry Met Sally…”, “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

Ryan said she goes to the movies to feel things during the conversation. Instead of being taught or learning something, she just wants to be moved or excited. She thinks movies are mostly about wonder and are very delicate and airy.

She also talked about her time as a movie director and how the magic of movies happens when sound and light come together to make something important.

They talked about the movie “What Happens Later.” It’s about Bill and Willa, who used to be together but are now dating someone else. They meet by chance at the airport and have to stay there overnight because of snow.

During the Q&A, they talked about whether the movie is more of a drama or a love comedy. As a joke, Duchovny suggested calling it a “rom-dram.” Ryan talked about the adult theme of two people trying to figure out why they aren’t together after 20 years. This is not something that she thinks young people usually think about, according to Ryan.

Young people might still like the movie, Duchovny said, and Ryan agreed that it’s also for them.

Ryan first mentioned “What Happens Later” in 2022, eight years after her first movie, “Ithaca,” which came out in 2015. During the whole process of making the movie, she said it was “magical.”

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