Often, grandmothers play a big role in family life. This is very true when it comes to taking care of their grandkids. But a lot of the time, choosing to be a caregiver goes against their own plans and wants.

These four true Reddit stories show how grandmothers had to make tough choices to take care of their children and keep their privacy.

Grandma refused to watch her grandchildren because her daughter-in-law had strict rules.
A grandmother had a problem in July 2020. His two- and four-year-old children needed someone to watch them for a week because his son’s wife had to go back to work.

The Original Poster (OP) said, “She’s been trying to get a job again for a while now, and she finally got one in her field.” She can’t get the kids into creche before a week after they ask her to start.

It seemed like OP was going to watch the kids every day for nine hours. Her daughter-in-law (DIL), however, made strict conditions for the arrangement: no TV, no meat, strict homework, and a strict routine. The original poster said, “I get naps, but I think the rest of it is too much when I could be helping them.”

The visitation ban, which separated the grandmother from her normal group of friends, was the hardest. Even though OP said she would rather watch her other kid, she wrote:

“Most days, I hang out with my friends.” Also, she is very strict about the people who can affect her kids, and she thinks that my friends are bad people.

The hurt person said, “I told my son that’s way too much to ask of anyone, and they need to find a professional.” She was bringing attention to the unreasonable demands that were made on her.

Even though OP’s son tried to change her mind, she wouldn’t listen. In the middle of everything, her daughter-in-law called her in tears and begged her to take care of the couple’s kids, stressing how important the job was. The grandmother, on the other hand, wouldn’t give in and fought for her privacy and comfort.
Grandma said no to the offer to watch her baby while her daughter went back to work.
At the same time, in June 2022, a woman who was 29 years old wrote on Reddit that she had asked her 64-year-old mother for help with her baby but had not heard back. The OP had to go back to work at that time.

Her mother told her she couldn’t because she was too old and had already finished raising her kids since she stopped working in 1992. A “traditional” family arrangement was what she suggested, but they didn’t have the money to make it happen.
That being said, she did tell her mother why it wouldn’t work for her family. She was making more money than her partner, and they were also in debt even though they were making less money.

OP made the most money for the family and was their main earner, so she had to keep working to support them. OP’s mother retaliated by asking $20 an hour for babysitting when she offered a compromise in response to the harsh reality of debt and the need for two incomes.

“We have to pay her for bringing the baby to her place with a car seat, stroller, bottles, and almost twice as much stuff as we do at home. We also have to pay late fees if we are not there to pick up the child.” The reason she won’t come into my house is personal.

This plan would make things even more expensive for the OP, which made nursery seem like a better choice. She made it clear that she and her husband needed to first work out their money problems. Because of this, she asked her mother to watch for free. But the mother would not listen to her reasoning.
While caring for her grandson, grandmother gets her “petty revenge.”
In the same month, a story about a grandmother who was asked to babysit led to a funny and touching one. Someone else on Reddit told a story about how her mother-in-law got back at her for something small.

“I had to write about my mother-in-law’s most recent small but lovely act of small-scale revenge here. Sixteen months ago, my sister-in-law had a baby that no one expected. “During the school year, the child goes to creche, and both parents work,” the OP said.
The child care center would close for the summer. The parents didn’t look for another summer creche; instead, they just dropped their child off at the grandmother’s house without telling her or asking.

The OP said, “Grandma had some errands to run the other day.” Suddenly, the child’s sister-in-law shows up. My wife’s mother is the most beautiful and kind woman in the world right now. In this way, she doesn’t object to the child.

Lunch was served, and the child was then allowed to sleep. Instead of sleeping for half an hour like most kids do, the child slept for more than three hours.

“The result? Parents were tired because their child wouldn’t go to sleep until one in the morning. “Delicious,” OP said. Letting the child sleep in too late and messing up the parents’ bedtime routine was the grandmother’s “petty revenge.” It’s a funny take on the roles that grandparents play in society that aren’t always taken seriously.

In order to rest, Grandma wouldn’t watch her grandson.
A 56-year-old grandmother in September 2023 had to make the tough decision to take a trip instead of watching her 14-month-old grandson while she did.

Their son was only three months old when her husband left her, leaving her 26-year-old daughter to raise him by herself. When she found out that OP’s child was having money problems, she let her move in with her.

“My schedule is crazy. I do my things (work, gym, etc.) until 5 PM, and then I stay with my grandson from 6 PM to 8 PM until my daughter gets home,” the OP added.
As her daughter spent money on child care and baby items, she helped pay the bills around the house. If the OP’s daughter has enough extra money, she can save up for a move out. The OP revealed:

“Next month, I’m going to take a month off to relax, but I’m not necessarily going anywhere.” When she heard about the trip, my daughter said that since I could stay with my grandson, we could save money on creche and use that money to pay for moving.

OP said no right away, but he could help her in the morning but not in the afternoon. Even though her daughter was crying and pleading for help to cut down on nursery costs and become financially independent, the grandma wouldn’t give in.

It’s impossible for me not to feel bad about what’s happening to my daughter. “My grandson is wonderful, but I need to take a break,” the person said.

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