A very well-dressed woman on this person’s flight wouldn’t raise her tray when the gay flight attendant asked her to. She was actually pretty rude, but the way the flight attendant dealt with her rudeness made everyone laugh. Get it all the way through and turn it in.

On my flight, there was a clearly gay flight attendant who was acting very gay. During his time serving us food and drinks, he made everyone look happy.

As the plane was about to go down, he swung down the aisle and told us:

“Captain Marvey asked me to let everyone know that the big scary plane is about to land, so kind people, could you please put your trays down?”

On his way back up the aisle, he saw that a young woman who was very well dressed and beautiful hadn’t moved.”Maybe those loud engines made it hard for you to hear me, but I told you to raise your tray so the boss can pat us on the back.””In my country, I am called a Princess, and I don’t listen to anyone,” she said quietly.Without missing a beat, the flight attendant responded, “Well, sweetheart, in my country I’m called a Queen, so I’m more important than you.” “Pick up the tray, Bitch.”Would you believe that we didn’t see this coming? Thank you for sharing this story on Facebook with your family and friends.

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