Michael Strahan just recently talked about his twin daughter’s ongoing fight with cancer. He praised her strength while she was in the hospital and getting chemotherapy. A lot of fans and viewers have sent messages of support and advice for the young woman’s brave fight.

Michael Strahan, a loving father, gave a report on his 19-year-old daughter Isabella Strahan’s cancer journey on “GMA,” showing how hard things have been for the family and how determined they are to keep going. “It hurts to see her go through this, but she’s a strong young woman, and she’ll get through it,” Michael said.

Isabella has become an example for her bravery since she was told in October that she has medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Her happy father says she chose to share her story because she wants to help and support other people who are going through similar things.

Isabella’s health problems have been hard on her and her family. She was recently hospitalized after starting a new round of chemotherapy. But her dad is still a rock of strength, and his co-hosts and the public back him up.

Fans have shown Isabella so much support on social media, with many sending prayers and good thoughts her way. People say things like “She’s a fighter!” She is going to get through it! So much love that spreads. “Beautiful family” and “I love her even though I may not know her.” The words “Praying for you, Isabella” show how much people love and support Isabella’s bravery.

Someone else who supported the 19-year-old said, “It breaks my heart to see her going through this 🙏🏼.”

A film segment on the show showed Isabella’s journey with cancer, which was both vulnerable and strong. She showed people a part of one of her chemotherapy sessions and talked about how worried she was about problems that might happen while she was getting treatment.

Sophia Strahan, her twin sister, her mother Jean Muggli, and Michael’s girlfriend Kayla Quick all came to see her during these lessons, which showed how much support she had.

Micheal’s sweet visit, complete with Chick-fil-A treats and strict obedience to hospital safety measures, showed how Isabella is cared for and loved every day while she is getting treatment.

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