Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who are both very popular, had a daughter named Suri Cruise. In about 2005, her parents started going out together, and the next year, they got married. Suri was born just a few months before her parents got married.

Katie and Tom were married for about six years. While they were together, they were often seen taking their daughter on adventures and keeping her safe from reporters who were trying to get a picture of the famous family.

It was very important to Suri’s famous parents that she was safe, so they would often hide her face from the cameras and flashes. Although Suri doesn’t have any public social media sites, this hasn’t changed over the years.

But now, when the girl goes out in New York, she is often photographed. And the 16-year-old looks just like her famous parents in the most recent shots, which were taken earlier this month.

Kids sometimes look like one parent more than the other, but Suri Cruise looks just like both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The teen seems to have beautiful traits from both of her parents.

Even though Suri Cruise looks a lot like her famous star father, Tom Cruise, the two are said to not get along very well.

They haven’t been seen together in public since 2012. According to reports, Katie Holmes is annoyed that Tom doesn’t try harder to be more involved in his daughter’s life.

The idea that Tom won’t meet his daughter or keep up a relationship with her might have something to do with his Scientology faith has been proven false. People say that Scientology doesn’t stop parents from seeing their kids. But Tom and Suri might meet even if no one knows about it.

Whatever their relationship is like now, Suri Cruise looks just like her dad, just like she does with her mom.

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