A lot of couples in Hollywood don’t make it through the years.

It must be hard to live your life in the public eye with everyone and their wife watching your every move and people saying mean things about you on social media.

A lot of people say that Pierce Brosnan, a famous actor who often works with beautiful main ladies as the ultimate charmer, is like Casanova. Beyond that, he is a devoted husband and the perfect family man.

We can all wish for a marriage like Pierce Brosnan’s and his wife Keely Shaye Smith’s. Keely is a writer, author, and TV host.

The two passionate people have been together for more than 25 years and still only have eyes for each other. Their marriage proves that true love never dies, even when people get older and their bodies change.

Pierce and Keely have been each other’s best friends, confidantes, and lovers for 30 years. They met for the first time at a Mexican bar in 1992. They began dating in 1994 and got married seven years later.

Rather than interviewing Ted Danson as planned, Keely became friends with Pierce.

As in any love story, their first date is perfect.

It was nighttime, and he held my hand. It was nighttime, and Kenny Loggins was singing. Our conversation lasted until 3 a.m.

In 2001, Keely said, “He was captivating.”

He was tall, dark, and good-looking—everything that makes someone attractive. He looked like he was up to no good. I observed, “Wow!” Wow!'”

Pierce saw right away that Keely was unique and special.

“I love how lively and passionate she is.” I definitely could not live without her strength. He said, “I get weak when Keely looks at me.”

Pierce and Keely got married in Ireland in 2001.

The wedding was supposed to happen in 2000, but Pierce’s 16-year-old son was hurt in a car accident in the US before that could happen. He hurt his back as a result, and his father chose to put off the wedding.

In the end, Pierce and Keely had their dream wedding in the beautiful Irish fortress Ashford Castle. The newlyweds had booked 120 rooms at the dream hotel for family and close friends, but Pierce had paid for a lot of security to keep people and reporters out.

They have two kids and are both very interested in nature. They work to stop whaling and the killing of animals that live in the oceans.

The fact that Pierce and Keely had two sons so soon after they started dating shows that they were definitely meant to be together.

As a result, Keely has kept up a strict work schedule for her own business while also doing a great job caring for the kids. Keely has also taken very good care of Pierce’s children from a previous marriage to Cassandra Harris, who died of cancer in 1991.

She had been a model and a singer before she met Pierce. A lot of people have been talking about Keely’s weight lately, especially in news magazines.

Maybe everyone can see that she gained some weight—everyone does when they get older. According to some news stories, Keely may have had problems with her thyroid gland. I personally think she is stunningly pretty.

Sadly, Keely gets picked on by mean trolls a lot because her body is changing. The star of OO7 says he still loves his “passionate” wife and that she makes him “weak at the knees.”

He said, “Keely Shaye is a magnificent woman.” There is no way I could find another one as good, no matter how hard I looked.”

It was said in some papers that Kelly put on about 70 pounds after she married Pierce. Because of these rumors, people and the media also think Pierce will leave his wife. But there have never been reports that they cheated on each other, and they are always seen kissing and holding hands in public.

Yes, it’s not easy to deal with trolls who criticize Keely’s looks and call her fat. Pierce has always stood by his wife, and the fact that he often shows his love for her in public shows how much he cares about her.

Additionally, it’s wonderful to see a woman in Hollywood who doesn’t have plastic surgery to look younger. Pierce loves his wife for who she is, and Keely seems sure of herself.

They look different now that years have passed, but the love, respect, and affection they feel for each other hasn’t changed.

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