This woman was pregnant again when Anton and Anna found out. Just think about how shocked they were when the same thing happened again. For this reason, they had six children very quickly: three sons and three girls.

This happy family life didn’t last long, though, because Anna was later told she had cancer. As a result, the woman died right after the second labor.

Anton looked after all six of his siblings when he was left by himself. His own efforts were used to raise them.

People started sending the man messages from different women right away, offering to help Anton and take the kids’ place as their mother. But Lyudmila was the only woman who made him want to be with her.

They went on their first date together, not just the man. He took all of his kids with him. Thankfully, it wasn’t for nothing. The kids liked Lyuda and didn’t want to be away from her.

That’s when Anton and Lyudmila knew they should be together. Eventually, they got married.

Additionally, Lyudmila had a son from her previous marriage. He liked being the older brother of six kids.

Soon, they decided that having seven kids wasn’t enough. They took in two children from a poor family whose parents had lost their parenting rights.

In this way, Anton and Lyudmila were able to make their big, loving family complete.

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