Jane tried to be a good stepmother at first. She even sought to include me in her and Amy’s nail visits. But as we aged, they grew closer and closer, cutting me off totally. My father told me, “Maybe Amy’s just going through something,” and I told him the truth. So what if she just wants to spend more time with her mom? That Jane called me her daughter, but I was never going to be her daughter. I learned to live with it. Then came our last year of school, and prom quickly became the most anticipated event on our social calendar.

Even though I didn’t want to tell my dad, I was excited for prom. Mason and I were finally dating, and I knew it would be a great day. Additionally, I knew that even though my dad would pay for my dream dress, I wanted to earn it on my own. Thinking to myself, if Dad buys yours, he has to also buy Amy’s. Basically, I worked extra hours at the diner I worked at to save money for my dress.

Babysitting became part of my plan a few weeks before prom. I finally had enough money to buy the dress of my dreams. Parents took me to the store and waited calmly while I tried it on. He looked at me with a smile when I walked out. He told her, “Oh, Elsa.” “Darling, you look amazing.” That was enough from him. “Are you sure you want to pay for it separately?” Dad desired to know when we would be at the register. I’ll do it right away, that’s why. I said no and bought the dress.

And I smiled, “But you can buy me a waffle.” Then my beautiful dream came apart. Shortly after, I came home from working at the diner. Susan and Amy were wiping down my grandmother’s silver teapot in the living room. By using parts of my dress. I let out a scream. Jane asked, “Honey,” looking worried. “What is wrong?” I took out a piece of clothing and said, “That’s my dress!” Oh!” Jane yelled. “That was your bridesmaid dress?” I asked, “You did this?” because I couldn’t breathe right. “Well, yes,” Jane answered with a smug grin. I thought I was cutting up a used dress, though. It didn’t seem appropriate for prom. I chose to use it to clean the windows and silver lining. I ran out of patience. I started to cry, and my tears fell quickly onto my clothes. Deep inside the house, I could hear Dad’s heavy footsteps, but Jane clearly didn’t. She walked closer to me after getting up. She told Elsa, “Now, now.”

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