Chris has always wanted to be famous on YouTube. He is a singer and makes videos.

He tried writing in different ways, but he didn’t realize that his grandma was the key to his success.

Chris and his family, including Lola, moved to the United States from Tarlac in the Philippines. They brought a piece of their home country with them.

Lola is the star of Chris’s TikTok videos. She used to teach elementary school in the Philippines for more than twenty years and now talks to him in their native “Kapampangan” accent.

When Lola was 88 years old, I decided to take care of her full-time.

Christopher understood his place.

Chris had to make the tough choice of finding a caregiver or sending her to an old age home. He knew he had to do something.

It made him sick to think that his Lola might be living with or being cared for by strangers.
In every part of their life together, Chris’s love for his grandma shines through.

He knew that taking care of her would take all of his love, attention, and patience, but he was ready to do it.

He has been posting pictures of his grandmother since 2014, and starting in 2019, he started recording their daily activities to show the world how close they are.

Their video blogs show us a part of their lives and are full of sweet moments.

Chris takes great care to make Lola’s bed and make sure she drinks enough water and feels loved.
He isn’t afraid to talk about the harder parts of being a caregiver, like getting ready for bath time and changing diapers. He does this with openness and kindness.

Nevertheless, it’s not always simple.

Chris recently talked about the problems they are having in an interview with a Philippine TV station. He said that Lola is forgetting things more often, which is making things harder.

The fact that she doesn’t always know him breaks Chris’s heart.

He stays true to his promise, though, telling us all to enjoy every moment with our loved ones.

Chris’s story shows how strong love and loyalty can be.
You can watch their journey on their TikTok vlogs and Chris’s YouTube page. He does everything he can to make sure Lola is safe and happy.

Love this beautiful message to cherish our time with family and love them deeply.

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